Marriage and Family Counseling, Provo Utah

  • PhD – BYU, Marriage and Family Therapy
  • Masters Degree, Gonzaga University- Counseling Psychology
  • Licensed and Insured Marriage and Family Therapist, Utah State VERIFY HIS LICENSE HERE
  • Married 20 years to the same great woman, blessed to have 6 awesome children together
  • Business Owner, 19 years
  • Community Presenter/Trainer Marital Therapy
  • Specific Training for Marriage Dynamics – Mark can help you with the “hard” issues
  • Published author – Click Here to see his book Help Beyond Our Own on Amazon
  • Consistent Positive Feedback From Clients

  • Marriage Counseling That Works!
  • Feel GOOD again
  • Learn to Communicate
  • Fall in Love Again
  • Many Success Stories
  • Non-Judgmental Experience


    What Clients Are Saying About Mark…

    "My wife and I have met with mark for a little over a year. His casual, loving  attitude and approach helped us feel comfortable immediately.  He's an expert in the field, and identified our needs quickly and provided accurate advice for our problems, which has helped us as individuals and as a couple. We are in such a better place through our relationship with mark!” 


    You have understood us better in this first session than [last therapist] did after several sessions...


    BEST EVER! AMAZING! I have met with several counselors. Mark was the best of them, for sure. And the great part was that he is the last counselor we will need, because he actually got to the root of our problems!!! Super honest guy, insightful and caring. He worked with our family until our problems were solved. My family is now happier than ever. And I'd now rank our marriage as a 10/10! Thanks Mark!



    Free Marriage Counseling Tips


    Not all counselors are created equal….there is a wide range of training for counselors in general, and quite a range for marriage counselors specifically.  Some call themselves counselors, but have no degree or formal training at all, while others may have attended accredited marriage and family therapy programs (MFT) and have been trained in marriage and family dynamics.  Ask about this experience.  They should also be licensed by the state as a marriage and family therapist and be able to give you a license number.  These credentials can make all the difference in how the person “helping” you sees the bigger picture and conducts marriage counseling.  Don’t be afraid to ask for someone’s credentials – this should not be the least bit offensive to a marriage counselor, and if it is – well, you got your answer.


    Even if a marriage counselor is qualified and has the credentials, this is no guarantee they are the right “fit” for you marriage.  Talk with your prospective counselor and ask some questions about them.  What do they believe about marriage?  Are they married?  How long have they been married?  What do they see as important to successful marriage?  Do they struggle to help a certain type of person?  A good counselor   Read more……